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What is Stockwaves?

Stockwaves is a stock photography library and its users / contributors buy and sell original photographs and images to use in professional design projects, brand exercises, websites, advertisements and other corporate essentials.

Is Stockwaves membership free?
Yes, you may register free of charge, but using an image entails a fee. Concurrently, selling your work earns you a commission from Stockwaves.

What is a royalty free image / photograph?
Royalty free or non exclusive means the Licensed Material may be used by the client for their own usage in their own respective organization as an image or vector as many times, in multiple media, as needed irrespective of the number of uses or prints.

How many images can I buy at once?
At Stockwaves, we have no minimum order. Users may choose to purchase rights to as many image they wish.

Who can buy image rights at Stockwaves?
Companies or individuals may purchase image rights at Stockwaves. One must bear in mind though that the image(s) rights MUST be purchased by the end user ONLY.

Can I make a payment online?
Yes. Our online payment gateway routing system allows you to use all major credit/debit cards to make license payments.

The images I download, will they have photo credits or watermarks on them?
The images for licensing on Stockwaves shall be completely free of credit or mentions, but all our images feature a watermark. In the event that you wish to have an image without a watermark you may get in touch with us via our contact us form and we shall do the needful.

What is a Lightbox?
While browsing through our collection, if you like an image, you don't need to save it on your hard drive or note down a number. Just save the image in your personalized lightbox space!

Where can I get in touch with customer service?
You may get in touch with us on our contact us page. We will be glad to help you with queries, image requests and directions for downloading the images required by you.

Under what circumstances can a contributor?s work be rejected?
Images that contain obscene or offensive content that significantly raises concerns are liable to be deleted/rejected. Also, images containing inappropriate adult content in bad taste or ones that hurt religious or personal sentiments in the broader sense are not tolerated.


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