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Photo Licensing Terms and Conditions  

Users may start the buying process by registering for a free Stockwaves account. Images are arranged online in various categories ranging from abstract to babies to landscapes and are searchable with keywords. Once decided a user may add the images he/she wishes to purchase in the shopping cart and proceed to checkout.

For purchase, images are sorted into two categories. Exclusive images may be purchased for a specific period, like three months, six months or a year. If the rights to an image are exclusively purchased it will be removed from for the selected period and will not be available for resale.

On the other hand, a non-exclusive image may be used by multiple parties and will continue to be available on the website.

It is clarified for the purpose of removal of any doubt that the end user of an exclusive or a non exclusive image must ONLY be the company /  user that has bought the rights to the image and in no case shall the purchaser of the rights to the image be allowed to transfer the image rights for use by third parties.

For example, if Company A purchases image 123, Company A may use it for business pertaining to Company A only. Redistributing image 123 and using it for business pertaining to any other company but Company A shall be treated as copyright infringement by Company A.

In the event that the user is a graphic designer, brand manager or freelance DTP artist working for a third party entity for whom the images are intended to be used, purchases the rights to the images on behalf of and for the purposes of a third party which includes a company, such a third party shall be clearly identified in advance and the purpose and end usage of the image shall be conveyed in advance. In such a case it is the third party on behalf of whom the rights of the image have been purchased and will be considered to be effectively requesting image rights for the same. No rights shall be granted till said third party or end user has been clearly identified and the purpose and end usage of the image is conveyed.


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