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Submission Liability  

As a contributor you must be aware of the following submission guidelines:
    • That you are 18 years of age or above
    • That you possess a bank account
    • That all the work you submit is/are your original creation(s)
    • That you have the consent of all subjects included in your work
    As a Stockwaves contributor, your work will reach thousands of businesses online, 24/7/365. Any work submitted to us shall be in JPG format and above 10 megapixels.

    Your work will be displayed on As long as your work is displayed on the website, there shall be no limit to the number of times it is used. Concurrently, there shall be no limit to the possibilities of usage as long as they are well within the guidelines of sale laid down by Stockwaves. For every sale made, you shall be paid out a preset commission.

    While submitting your work, you agree that a photo credit is completely at the discretion of the end user and shall in no way become a ground for conflict or uncalled for claims. Your pictures / images shall not be deliberately infected with malware or viruses. Lack of knowledge is no excuse to willfully ignoring this directive.

    In keeping with the SW terms of service, your images shall be conflict free and shall not, in the broad sense, hurt religious or personal sentiments. Furthermore, your images shall not include any unlawful, libellous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, harmful to minors, indecent, lewd, suggestive, harassing, threatening, invasion of privacy or publicity rights, abusive, inflammatory, fraudulent or other objectionable matter.

    Your images are free from any rights, claims or interests of third party, do not infringe any intellectual property rights of any person and no claim has been raised in this regard.

    You shall hold harmless and indemnify Stockwaves, successors and assignees and their respective officers, employees and representatives from and against all costs, loss or damage incurred by such parties to the extent arising from or relating to: (i) your breach of these terms or anywhere else on the website you may be subject to; or (ii) any claim, demand, suit, action or proceeding brought by a third party that involves, related to or concerns a  violation or other breach by you or any of the provisions of these terms; or (iii) any claim, demand, suit, action or proceeding brought by a third party that involves, relates to or concerns the use of the images or any other service provided by you.

    All terms and conditions and associated laws are to be interpreted and exercised within the jurisdictional limits of the Republic of India.


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