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Terms of Usage of website  

You are requested to read and comprehend the following terms and conditions. A user's acceptance of the below mentioned points is an absolute condition for purchasing, downloading and using the image rights sold on this website.

  • The Stockwaves website is intended for use by Stockwaves and is the property of said company. Any code copying or model copying is discouraged and appropriate action may be taken in this regard.

  • Images are not sold. Their usage is licenced to you.

  • The look and feel of the website is designed to offer users an unparalleled experience in purchasing photograph usage rights, graphic usage rights and other image rights. It has been designed keeping in mind ease of access and may change without prior notice if the management deems fit.

  • You may not duplicate the Stockwaves logo or watermark for similar business without prior consent. Such a violation will most certainly lead to unpleasant interactions for both companies. Stockwaves may take appropriate action in this regard

  • You may not frame or hotlink without prior consent. While framing is not condoned, back linking is encouraged.

  • While back linking you may not use Stockwave's trademarked work or logos on any third party website.

  • While using or browsing through, our systems may store a Cookie on your personal computer. This is merely to track visit stats and in no way affects your computer's performance. If you intend to, you may disable receiving cookies from websites. Kindly note that disabling cookies might lead to changes/disability in the smooth running of our website.

  • If you apprehend that any of the images listed on is in violation of your copyright or your work is being displayed against your will, please get in touch with us on

  • The services offered by entail no warranties, guarantees or any other post service claim based insurances.

  • All images exhibited under the tag 'web use only' are eligible only for usage on websites, web portals, blogs and other electronic forms within the purview of online media. Usage in print media or otherwise is strictly prohibited.

  • The purpose of usage of images will be specified in advance and the images may be used only for those purposes. Any other usage is prohibited.

  • All our images may not be used for pornographic, unlawful purposes or use or to defame any person or violate any person's right of privacy or infringe upon any copyright, trade name, trademark of any person or entity.

  • Controversial usage such as issues discussed in unfavourable manners, ridiculing public figures, topic related to sexual issues, AIDS, drugs, tobacco, cancer and other health ailments, is to be executed with prior permission (written) from Stockwaves. In the event that this clause is breached, the Photo License will automatically cease to exist.

  • If the licensed material is used for editorial purposes the licensee must include the following credit adjacent to the licensed material: Copyright

  • Availability of model release does not in any way alter the effectiveness of the previous clause. Furthermore, Stockwaves does not stand guarantor to any lapsed time based sureties arising from model release.

  • The use of the images shall not infringe any intellectual property rights of any person.

  • You shall hold harmless and indemnify Stockwaves, successors and assignees and their respective officers, employees and representatives from and against all costs, loss or damage incurred by such parties to the extent arising from or relating to: (i) your breach of these terms or anywhere else on the website you may be subject to; or (ii) any claim, demand, suit, action or proceeding brought by a third party that involves, related to or concerns a violation or other breach by you or any of the provisions of these terms; or (iii) any claim, demand, suit, action or proceeding brought by a third party that involves, relates to or concerns the use of the images or any other service provided by you.

  • All terms and conditions and associated laws are to be interpreted and exercised within the jurisdictional limits of the Republic of India.

  • This document shall be governed by Indian law and the courts at Mumbai shall have jurisdiction to entertain any dispute pertaining to this document.


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